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The Technology

The Technology- Surface Modification

Given the innumerable powder compositions and the power to alter coating properties, the thermal spray coating process can be modified to suit any specific requirement. The engineers and experts at IPM, with many years of specialized experience, are competent to specify a tailor made solution which is the best in terms of both, the quality and the cost.

Coating Processes:

Some of the thermal spray processes available at IPM include:

  • High Energy Plasma spraying
  • Combustion Flame spraying
  • High Velocity Arc Spray
  • High Velocity Oxy-Fuel spray (HVOF)
  • High Pressure High Velocity Oxy-Fuel spray (HP-HVOF)

Coating Materials:

IPM has complete in- house facilities for providing coatings of :

  • Metals and alloys
  • Ceramics and cermets
  • Hard facing alloys
  • Self- fluxing alloys
  • Composite materials
  • Carbides and stellites

To know more specific information about thermal spray technology and how IPM's surface modification services can benefit your component, reach out to us today.