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Is the print quality of your offset printing machine affecting your business?

IPM offers ideal Solutions

IPM has successfully Plasma coated and repaired cylinders, rollers, shafts, grippers and pads for a vast range of offset printing machines including:

  • Planeta
  • Rolland
  • Solna
  • Miller
  • Yadogava
  • Mitsubishi
  • Heidelberg
  • Akiyamas
  • Crabtree
  • Komori
  • HMT
  • Harris
  • Dominant
  • Coroset
  • Sakurai
  • Muller-Martini
  • Aurellia
  • Chromoset


  • Microprocessor controlled Plasma coating on Plate, Blanket, Impression and Drum Cylinders. Repair/ replacement of cylinder bearers.
  • Microprocessor controlled coating on Rider rollers, Scoring rollers, Damping rollers, Docket rollers, Ink Duct rollers and Fountain rollers.
  • Diamond coating on Grippers, Pads, Chase Patti's, Slats and Nipping rollers.
  • Coating of shafts, Bearing seats and Housings of cylinders and rollers.
  • Repair and Coating of Swing shaft, Gripper shaft, Main shaft etc.
  • New grippers and pads duly Plasma coated.


  • After coating the surface of the components becomes very hard, dense and highly corrosion and wear resistant. This gives them a long trouble free life.
  • Accurate size within close tolerance, thereby securing a consistently high quality of printing.
  • Ultra-Hard and Matt Coatings from IPM ensure Perfect, Uniform and Long Lasting Grip
  • Specialized coating for cylinders to ensure sharp dot printing and even ink transfer.