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Some of the important applications of thermal spray coating in the paper industry are:

  • Dryers
  • M.G. Cylinder
  • Yankee Cylinder
  • Boiler Tubes (Click here for more infomation)
  • Pulp Mill
  • Pope Reel
  • Head Box
  • Press Part
  • Calendar Rolls
  • Winder

The Problem

The uncoated surface of the components used in paper industry get corroded over a period of time and as a result their surface becomes pitted.

Most of these cylinders and dryers are fabricated from mild steel, which has a low hardness; continuous contact with the doctor blade wears out their surface with the passage of time.

These surface defects on the components adversely affect the quality and gloss of the paper being manufactured on the machine.

The Solution

IPM, through years of specialized experience in the field of thermal spray coatings and continuous contact with customers has developed a customized solution to this problem.

IPM has been providing international quality coating on the surface of new as well as corroded and worn-out components used in the Paper Industry.


  • After thermal spray coating from IPM, the surface of these components becomes hard and dense.
  • The specially developed coating is highly corrosion and wear resistant and gives long trouble-free life, thereby extending the life of these components by many years and also remarkably improving the paper quality.
  • Coatings from IPM are non-sticking in nature prevent sticking of starch and coating chemicals on the surfaced of the dryers.
  • These coatings have a low co-efficient of friction and give excellent mirror finish. This results in a better paper quality with uniform high gloss and also increases the life of the doctor blade.
  • The coating improves the heat transfer rate and paper production potential. The interval between regrinding increases drastically thereby reducing plant downtime.