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IPM is the undisputed leader in manufacturing, repair and hard-coating of Hydro Turbine components.

Hydro Power

17 years of specialized experience in Hydro Power

Hydro Power

Area coated above
5800 sq. meters

Hydro Power

Successfully coated 36 runners- Francis, Pelton & Kaplan, in the last 5 years

The Problem-Silt Erosion in Hydro Turbines

Silt in the water passing through the hydro turbine causes excessive erosion of the under-water components of the turbine. In spite of taking various preventive measures including using the best available erosion resistant materials and doing design modifications, the extent of damage is enormous. If this problem is not tackled effectively, the resultant damage can be so great as to throw the machines out of commission in the very first year of their operation.

Is silt erosion eating away your profits? IPM offers the perfect solution.

IPM is a one stop shop for all your needs in the hydro power sector. In addition to manufacturing of hydro turbine components, IPM provides international quality coatings for resistance to erosion, wear and corrosion and repair of under-water components of hydro turbines. After this coating their surface becomes ultra-hard, dense and highly erosion and wear resistant. These coatings are applied at IPM using latest robots and microprocessor controlled coating equipment to ensure a uniform coating thickness and accurate control on the final dimensions.

Proven Technology

A number of reputed hydro power plants in Asia, including the ones with the maximum silt load, have benefitted from IPM's expertise in this technology.

IPM has successfully executed a number of prestigious projects to the complete satisfaction of its esteemed customers and received repeat orders from them. A number of studies have shown a many fold reduction in erosion rate of the hydro turbine components after use of this technology.

Some of the Hydro Turbine components that have been successfully hard-coated by IPM include :

  • Runners (Francis, Kaplan and Pelton)
  • Guide Vanes
  • Top Cover
  • Cheek Plates
  • Lower Labyrinth Rotating
  • Revolving Sleeve
  • Lower Ring
  • Upper Labyrinth Rotating
  • Lower Labyrinth Stationary
  • Dealing Rings
  • Upper Labyrinth Stationary