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Thermal spray coatings can help us in three ways:
  • Provide Protective coating on new components so that they give a longer trouble free life. For Such applications IPM manufactures new components which suitable coating. The coating is designed for the environment in which the component has to operate. Examples may be many, such a ceramic-coated clinker grinder sleeves, under water components of Hydro Turbines etc.

  • Provide Protective coating from time to time such that the components remains unharmed while the coating sacrifices it self due to exposure to the adverse environment. For example Boiler tubes, they are coated at regular intervals to prevent boiler tube failure.

  • Reclaim warn-out components, which have been taken out of service due to excessive wear and tear. These components have lost critical dimensions and are no longer suitable for the purpose for which they were manufactured. Such components are provided a fresh lease of life by doing thermal spray coating on the worn-out area followed by machining and grinding to the required size as per drawing. For example shafts of ID fan etc.