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In the aerospace industry, thermal spray coatings have many applications. Coatings have both engine and landing-gear applications. Thermal spray coatings protect engine turbine blades from extreme temperatures. In landing-gear applications, these coatings are replacing hard chromium plating for improved performance.

Applications include:

  • Landing gear (bearings, axles, pins, etc.)
  • Jet engines (blades, vanes, combustion liners, compressor casings, nozzles, etc.)
  • Actuation systems (pistons, pumps, flaps, etc.)
  • Engine cowling, wing structures

In the defense industry, thermal spray coatings are used across the various branches- Air Force, Army and Navy, to enhance and protect components on military platforms (aircraft, ships, submarine, etc.), and in machinery and weapon systems.

Companies such as The Boeing Co. have been using this technology on a regular basis for enhanced efficiency.